Cult of boys / Toyin Ibidapo


One morning a copy of the Cult of Boys " book has arrived from London to LIRFONS studio. It was an incredible experience and a great pleasure to work with Toyin Ibidapo and being a part of this project in general.

Every shot of it's was taken on a film camera and below you can find 4 of the author's quotes about the book from the interview with the Dazed & Confused magazine.



#1  To me photography is a way of recording some of the memories you have chosen to bare witness to in your life time and hopefully some will stick around long after we've gone.


#2  It's called " Cult of Boys " simply because anytime you do something surrounding a small group of whatever your thing may be, you create some sort of collective, a Cult to me is an exclusive club of some sort, mine happened to be boys who are skinny, mostly white and androgynous.


#3  All beauty is subjective to personal taste. The type of face that I'm automatically inspired by is telling eyes, eyes that can't lie or be fake. I respond to their silence, the shy or naturally quiet keep me interested, that's not to say that the more vocal or comfortable in their own skin don't do it for me too. They all do, but somehow the ones who seem to have a haunting quality hold certain unobtainable secrets that you want to read.


#4  Art and taste is a personal thing, and I'm only trying to please myself as it was they " the beautiful ones " who inspired me, and my book is a homage to everyone whose in it and for anyone who appreciates this kind of beauty too. It's a scrapbook because it's personal to me. Most creatives have some form of scrapbook only it's up to you what you choose to put in it.



You can read Toyin’s full interview with the Dazed & Confused magazine here : link
Purchase the " Cult of Boys " book here : link



Photography / styling : toyin ibidapo
Model : michael tintiuc etc
Edition : cult of boys
Release year : 2011