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#1  LIRFONS is more than a clothing brand. Could you explain us what is your company about.
LIRFONS is a designer clothing label. We are creating unique and high quality handmade designer clothes, shoes and accessories. We are also doing photography, styling, web design & development, film & music production, modeling.

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#2  How LIRFONS appears, and which are your goals?
Our label was founded back in 2003, at that time we didn’t have any ideas of how to achieve our goal. We were teenagers inspired by the world of art. We wanted to develop our artistic side as much as possible, so that we could touch nearly all of its iterations. Starting from music, painting and ending with clothing design and sculpture. In 2008 we started working with Michael Tintiuc and we’ve released our very first collection – People are Strange – launched our website and probably only from that point on we appeared as a clothing label.

First of all, 100% commercial success is definitely not our main goal, we’re not trying to be liked and adored by each and everyone. You need to clearly understand that what you may find attractive and interesting may not be liked by people around you, but remaining true to yourself, to your point of view, to your inner instincts and comprehension of beauty and harmony you will continue moving on and towards you goal – don’t start what you can’t finish.

Primarily our goal is the growth and the development of our personalities, the process of inspiring people around us through our work. The desire to show others how we perceive the world we all live in, be it through photography, clothing, forms, books, music or video.


2014 © lirfons sisters / it doesn't matter who you know, cause this is real life


#3  Tell us how do you organize the brand and which role has everyone in it.
We do not divide any process among people and posts. Most of our work is a collective effort and creation, where everybody’s idea finds its place. We are like a rock band, today you’ve got a great guitar solo in your mind, but usually you’re the drummer, so why not play that solo if you can pull it off and it’s really worth it? We interchange each other.


2015 © lirfons sisters / the truth is out there


#4  In what way does Moldova influences your creations and your work?
Moldova itself, as a country with its own culture and its certain community had very little impact on us if no impact at all. Our country’s development level not only of the fashion industry, but of the whole art scene is very poor, to say the least. We are Russian-speaking children born and raised in the Republic of Moldova. Spiritually we are far away from both the Russian and the Moldavian cultures and probably therein lies our remoteness and isolation in the way we see aesthetics and design. We were born in the times of the globalization’s large-scale development through mass-media and internet, mainly for this reason we had the opportunity to be born in a small country but at the same time evolve, expand and be interested in everything that the world can offer, without limiting the scope of our interests to our country’s cultural level and its way of development. As a geographical point, Moldova’s nature is indeed very beautiful and in a way somehow very different from other places. We spent our childhood and our teenage years just outside of the city, we live in a big house and were surrounded with pets and at that time nature untouched by the human hand. I guess that this immediate proximity to nature has given us our own way of comprehending unity of all there is. Wind, sky, leafage, flowers and the sounds of nature inspired us.


1997 © lirfons sisters / teenage freedom


#5  About fashion and your garments, you mix different textures and materials, and also styles. How do you define it?
We never followed the trends of the fashion world. In our childhood our style was inspired by various musical genres, we chose what felt right to us. We don’t have a definition of the way we mix the textures and forms, the idea comes as a whole and we’re trying to perform as good as we can, not forgetting that besides an interesting form, texture and color the clothes have to be comfortable to wear. It’s hard to define something like this, we think that the way we mix the styles, shapes, textures and historical epochs can be defined and called as LIRFONS.


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#6  We notice an important influence of music in your clothes, from rock, and from folk. What do you think about that?
From an early age besides the general education, we studied music and painting. At a certain moment the circumstances turned out so that we had to choose one over another. We chose painting, although now we understand that we shouldn’t have given up on music, as it nonetheless continues to follow us throughout our lives and is one of the main pools of inspiration of our work. From all of the musical epochs, the era of the 60’s-70’s American/British rock music, the invention of skateboarding and development of the surf culture is the closest to our souls. When people were inspired by the poems written by Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan, by Jimi Hendrix’s solos and by the riding on the waves of people’s new opportunities. They believed in the power of love and peace on earth.


2014 © lirfons sisters / keep calm and live the life you live


#7  How do you propose your future?
We can’t know it for sure, as our future is the product of our thoughts, choices and deeds in the present. We know one thing for sure, we want to continue doing what we do now, evolve and achieve greater progress in the way of art, advancing to the higher levels. We’d like to create something that would bring light and happiness in to the people’s souls, beauty to the world. We’d like what we do and what brings us inner balance to inspire people make things that they really want to do. We’d like to see our creations help others believe in themselves, in their own truth, in that if there is something in this world worth doing, it’s something that is considered impossible.
The most important is to be ourselves, follow the words of Omar Khayyam: You’d better starve then eat whatever, you’d better be alone then with whomever.

As Leonardo Da Vinci said, people can be divided into 3 classes :

those who see
those who see when they are shown
those who do not see

It would be good to be those who see and who can show to others.


2015 © lirfons sisters / all we have is now


Photography : lirfons
People : lirfons sisters
Edition : d - palma magazine / spain
Release year : 2011