London calling / Vision magazine


Michael Tintiuc's 3 most memorable facts about this shoot in London

  It was my second trip to London and this was one of the five shoots I did during my five days of staying.

#2  Even though on every shot I am dressed quite lightly and may look comfortable and relaxed, but in fact it was a quite cold autumn day and the only thing to keep me warm was coffee.

#3  The whole team was driving around London in a rental bus, searching for interesting and strange locations, by coincidence we stumbled upon the very same location where the LIRFONS " People are stranage " video was shot together with the filmmaker Bruno Centofanti a year before.



Photography : rui aguiar
Styling : yasuhiro takehisa
Hair : hiroshi matsushita
Makeup : jo frost
Model : michael tintiuc 
Edition : vision magazine / china
Release year : 2010