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Michael Tintiuc started ionic/vue as a research project in 2018 at Modus Create. Although this was not his first experience with writing shared libraries it was his introductory exposure to Vue and Ionic frameworks as well as creating a library that is now used by a substantial amount of people in projects of various sizes and complexities. Although the initial version of ionic/vue was contributed back to Ionic's official github repository Michael continued it's development by adding new features, fixing bugs and improving performance. Almost 2 years after the initial start of the project a new version of Vue is being released and just as before Michael delved into the uncharted, yet familiar world of the framework's new version.

This is how Michael describes his work on ionic/vue and software in general:

" Making the first step and overcoming the writer's block by accepting the unknown and taking a leap of faith into your capabilities and the community's support is key. Writing free and open source software is a magical example of manifesting something out of nothing and sharing it with the world. Modern technology made us all wizards, creating something out of thin air has never been easier and the entry barrier is much lower than one might think. All it takes to get through the most difficult of challenges is reading some source code and a bit of dedication to make sense of it.

Overcoming yourself makes the world better : " Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude " - He who has begun is half done: dare to know!. "

VoV 034 Mike Hartington & Michael Tintiuc / Ionic and Vue
Release date : October 22, 2018

VUE 136 Ionic and Vue with Michael Tintiuc
Release date : February 2, 2021

Podcast : views on vue
Technologies : beep, ionic, vuejs
Interviewer : grgur
Сo-author : modus
Author : michael tintiuc
Release year : 2018, 2020, 2021