Dusks replace dawns, plunging personal mysteries to eternity.
Somewhere on the other side of earth, among empty roads, through smoke and laughter, grinding your feet to the bone, you keep pedaling, even if the whole world stands still.
There are only the insane around now, selling and buying foreign dreams, meanwhile in the shadow of their love and hatred you are fighting for your very own.
Do you remember when turning back you never saw anything except for the face of your own melancholy, bearing a smile that turns the essence of all things inside out?
The voice inside your head is always louder than the hysterical  cries of the crowd of imitators that live in a world of hollow images.
No recreation of form will ever reproduce genuine content; only it is capable of rising and carrying on forward even if the heavens themselves drop on it’s shoulders.
This world will drive you to madness or make you a legend.


Photography / styling / concept / clothes : lirfons
Model : michael tintiuc
Release year : 2009